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Product Name Laser Rhinitis Device
Weight 0.75kg
Application knee massage/knee pain
Color Grey
Brand JTN
Model NO. JN-5002
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4 in 1 Knee Pain Massager


Products Description

knee pain,
shoulder pain
joint swelling,
sports injuries ,
Ankle sprains ,
Joint & soft tissue injuries ,
arthritis , rheumatoid arthritis,osteoarthritis,
diminish inflammation

Our product features:
1.The exterior design is 90 degree shape, suitable for the knee, elbow and ankle pain relief;
2. Its belt is flexible and the size can be adjusted as the customer demand, suitable for various knee;
3. Humanized design with big LCD touchable display, easy to operate; portable, non-invasive, no side effect
4. During the treatment, hands free.
5. It combines red light therapy , low level laser therapy, kneading massage and far infrared heating therapy into one device, to ensure the good treatment efficiency.

Product Functions:    kneading massage with two airbags,
                                      far infrared thermal therapy,
                                      LED red light therapy,
                                      808nm low level laser therapy.

Laser diode:                808nm with 3 pcs, totally is 540mW
LED number:               16pcs, each one is 60mW, totally is 960mW
Product dimension: L193 x W168 x H144mm
Auto timer:                 15minutes
Heating temperature:Low45±3°C,Mid50±3°C,High55±3°C
Input voltage:             AC100-240V 50/60Hz
N.W:                               0.75kg

How to use :
1. Start: To initiate the system and switches into "ready" mode.
2. Intensity: To adjust the irradiation intensity of laser and LED.
3. Time: To adjust the work-time.
4. Stop: To terminate the light output and goes to the standby mode.
5. Off: To shut down the apparatus at once.
6. Strap Slot: To fix the bandage that fastens the device with knee.
7. Cover for knee / Cover for Patella: Used for guiding light, massaging, light and Physical therapy.

Three different working mode:
Recovery : laser, infrared, kneading, heating
Repair: laser, kneading, heating
Relaxation: infrared, kneading, heating
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