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JN-9007 High Potential Therapy Device

Product Name High voltage electrostatic therapy device
Weight 9kg
Application Insomnia/Chronic constipation
Color Grey
Brand JTN
Model NO. JN-9007
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High Potential Therapeutic Machine

Model: JN-9007

Products Description
1. High Ptential Mode
2. Negative Potential Mode
2. Micro Potential Sleep Mode
3. Electric Stimulation Pain Relief (Lead)
1. Headache
2. Insomnia
3. Osteoarticular pain & lumbar pain
4. Chronic constipation

Chronic Constipation Insomnia Treatment by High Potential Therapy Device

The Therapy Principle
The high potential therapy device simulates and rebuilds the natural electric filed mainly through the high potential, negative potential, anion, and intermediate frequency potential. Through such method, it helps you to repair body disorders and obstacles that are brought about by the destruction of the natural environment.
The device can change the alternating current to form the AC high voltage alternating electric field. Under the function of the alternating electric field, subtle vibration will occur to any body part of the user, balancing the body tissues and organs as well as improving the intrinsic natural healing capacity. As a result, the effectively activated cells and the enhanced nerve conduction function will promote the gastrointestinal peristalsis, achieving the curative effect of chronic constipation.
Moreover, the high potential therapy device can promote the blood circulation, activate collaterals, relieve pain, etc. It also offers an effective solution to the neurasthenia, such as a headache, insomnia, and so on.

High Potential Therapy Process

Our body has active bio-electric in our inner body. When we use JTN Multi Functional High Potential Therapy, our whole body will absorb energy electric from this equipment.
Besides, our body will be surrounded by electricity’s platform and reflected to our surroundings. Energy electric is useful to reactivate membrane cell more than 200 types of cell in our body. Ion negative helps to repair weak cell.
Suitable for people who want to live healthy:
Whole family who want to live healthy and better, stay away from diseases.
Children and school age student need to have high concentration in study and reduce fatigue.
Elderly who want to live longer life, active and repair weak cell and stay away from disease.
People who stay in city, full of air pollution, lacking fresh air, and stressful environment and work.
People who work in office air-conditioned room, lacking fresh air and lack of movement.
People who lack of time to exercise regularly and routinely.
People who seldom go to mountain area.
Product Paramenters
Power input
AC220V 50/60HZ
Input power
HPOT Output Voltage
9000V 6000V 3000V
HPOT Output frequency
50HZ±2 HZ
Display of Reading
LED digital screen
Default treatment time
Operating mode
Treatment Counting
Sleep timing, others countdown
Timing Range
Less than 9 hours for sleep functions
Less than 90 mins for other functions
Time adjustment
5 mins/gear, increasing circulation
Water proof level
Ambient temperature
Relative humidity
Atmosphere pressure
80 kPa~106kPa
Host size
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