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Male Sexual Function Rehab Machine

Product Name Male Sexual Function Rehab Instrument
Weight 14kg
Application Adjuvant therapy of impotence, premature ejaculation, short penis, elderly sexual function decay, chronic prostatitis, improving sexual performance.
Color White
Brand JTN
Model NO. JN-7001MA
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Male sexual function rehabilitation therapeutic instrument

Model: JN-7001MA

Products Description

Male sexual function rehabilitation therapeutic instrument

Product functions:
[01 vacuum suction]
Promote penile vasodilation and activate organ blood circulation;
[02 pneumatic massage]
Activate cells, and the occluded blood vessels can be repaired and unblocked;
[03 low frequency electrical pulse stimulation]
Dilate blood vessels, improve blood supply and ablate atherosclerotic substances;
[04 four dimensional water bath therapy]
The penis is repeatedly vibrated and massaged to strengthen the epidermis of the penis and the activity of developing cells;
[05 strong current stimulation]
Regulate the sexual nerve center, reduce sexual nerve sensitivity, and achieve the purpose of treating premature ejaculation;
[06 electrode sticking acupoint massage]
Apply it to the penis and related acupoints, massage Huiyin acupoint, Guanyuan acupoint, etc., which can more effectively solve
the problems of frequent urination, urgent urination and painful urination, and make the sexual time more stable;
Using Effects
Premature (PE) is the most common sexual dysfunction in men, with a prevalence of 20%-30%.It is characterized by short ejaculation latency, poor ability to control ejaculation, and low sexual satisfaction. PE patients have great psychological pressure, which directly damages men's self-esteem so that affecting couples' feelings and harming family stability. The MSL3709 PE therapy system adopts international first-line therapy to integrate multiple treatments into one, which is more scientific and safer to solve the problem of male premature ejaculation.